Long Term Disability


All full-time employees regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll in Long Term Disability coverage on the first of the month after completing two full calendar months of employment.

Enrolling in the plan after my initial enrollment period

If you didn’t elect Long Term Disability coverage when you first became eligible, you can enroll in the plan as a “late entrant” during annual open enrollment. “Late entrants” must provide evidence of insurability and be approved by The Hartford’s medical underwriting department.

If your application is approved, your coverage will become effective on the first of the month following approval by the insurance carrier.

Definition of disability

You are Totally Disabled when it is determined that:

  • Because of your Injury or Sickness, you are unable to perform the Material and Substantial Duties of your Own Occupation.

The loss of your professional license or occupational license or your inability to obtain or qualify for a license for any reason does not, in itself, constitute Total Disability.

You are Partially Disabled when it is determined that:

  • Because of your Injury or Sickness, you are unable to perform the Material and Substantial Duties of your Own Occupation and you have Disability Earnings of less than 80% of your Indexed Total Monthly Earnings.

Elimination period

Benefits begin after you have been disabled for 60 consecutive calendar days, provided that your disability meets the definition under the plan.

Monthly benefit amount

Benefits equal 60% of your salary at the time of your disability with a maximum benefit of $15,000 per month. To qualify for the first 24 months of disability, you must be unable to perform the duties of your own occupation.
Benefits are paid monthly until you are no longer eligible for benefits under your plan.

Cost of benefit

You are responsible for the cost of this insurance. Because you pay 100% of the cost of the coverage with post tax dollars, benefits received under the plan are not subject to federal income taxes.
Refer to this worksheet to help determine your costs for LTD coverage.

Long Term Disability Benefit = 60% of covered income up to a maximum monthly benefit of $15,000

Multiply your hourly rate by 40 =$_______________ (This is your weekly salary)
Multiply by 52 =$_______________ (This is your annual salary)
Divide by 12 =$_______________ (This is your monthly salary)
Multiply by $0.0086 (rate) $_______________ (This is your monthly cost)
Divide by 2 =$_______________ (This is your cost per pay period)

Certain benefit period

Provided that you continue to be disabled as defined by the plan, the maximum benefit duration depends on your age when your disability begins.

Your age on date disability begins Your maximum benefit duration
Under 63To your normal retirement age*, or 48 months, if greater
63To your normal retirement age*, or 42 months, if greater
64To your normal retirement age*, or 36 months, if greater
6530 months
6627 months
6724 months
6821 months
69 and over 18 months
*Your normal retirement age is your retirement age under Social Security Act where retirement age depends upon your year of birth.


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